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Erik Nielsen - Biosa Founder

Erik Nielsen was an ecologist and organic farmer whose search for sustainable technologies in organic agriculture led him on the trail of the inconspicuous but indispensable microorganisms.

Erik was born and raised in Broager in South Jutland, Denmark, where his father held the position of Director for the local timber trade.

As a young adult, Erik moved from South Jutland to Copenhagen to study, eventually earning himself a Business Administration, MSc. degree. He also went on to become a chartered accountant.

After working as the Chief of Finance at Spies Travel Agency for two years, Erik's longing for a more meaningful life began to take hold, and at age 30, he left the corporate world to lead a simple life connected to the earth.

In 1985 he purchased Dragon Hill Farm in Frederiksvaerk.

While establishing himself as a farmer, Erik became convinced that it should be possible to produce crops and animal products in an environmentally friendly way and, therefore, converted the land to a biodynamic farm with cattle and vegetable production.

The world's first organic legislation

In the early ’80s, biodynamic, organic, and ecology were not familiar terms, nor was organic farming regulated; this prompted Erik to join other like-minded individuals and establish the Organic Farming Council under the Ministry of Agriculture in Denmark. The council was the first of its kind (globally) and would contribute significantly to developing legislation for Denmark’s organic farming sector.

The world of microorganisms

Erik's work as a consultant for the Ministry of Agriculture took him around the world. During a trip to Thailand in 1994 he met Professor Dr Teruo Higa from the Ryukyus University in Okinawa; this meeting would prove to be life-changing.

Dr Teruo Higa was studying the effects of microorganisms on plants. He had developed a combination of bacteria that could exponentially improve plants’ growth and health.

Dr Teruo Higa invited Erik to Japan to share his results, and in 1995, he sent one of his researchers, Aya Okuda, who was a Cand. Scient- in agro-biology, to Denmark to work with Erik.

Erik spent the next few years experimenting and researching microbes and building his confidence and understanding of the fascinating world of microorganisms.

With his newfound understanding, Erik began his own experiments with the technology, which he believed could also benefit animal and human health.

During these years of research and experimentation, Erik acquired extensive knowledge of microorganisms and fermentation. Eventually, he discovered the optimal method, and BIOSA was born.

Success with fermentation

By the late 1990s, Erik had completed his testing and had developed a fermented drink with probiotic bacteria and herbal extracts for human health. The drink was named Vita Biosa.

Today, Biosa Global sells its products to over 30 countries around the world. Since Erik’s passing in September of 2020, his sons have taken over the business to continue his legacy.

Despite his early success, it was not wealth or polished offices that took the ultimate place in Erik’s life, but instead, a continuing search for sustainable solutions and ecology.

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