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Using nature's solutions to produce sustainable, ecological products

About Biosa

Biosa is a family business originating from Denmark, with a focus on crafting organic products based on the fermentation of beneficial microorganisms.


Biosa was originally founded in 2002 by Erik Nielsen, and since its inception, ecology and sustainability have played a crucial role in all aspects of the business and its activities.

Erik's son, Ayan Nielsen, founded Biosa New Zealand in 2015, to bring the products to people across New Zealand and Australia.


Our products are produced at our original in-house factory in Denmark, through a gentle fermentation process. Fermentation is one of the oldest ways to preserve products, but the process also has a number of other benefits.


Read more about our production process here.

"Quality and sustainability are at the heart of our production. All our raw materials are organic and thoroughly tested - and we use recycled materials for all our packaging as far as possible"
- Eil Nielsen, CEO Biosa Global

Inspired by nature

Nature has a solution to everything. It provides the entire foundation of our diet, and solutions that enable all living organisms to digest food and absorb nutrients - it also has a solution for how our remnants are to be broken down and turned into new life. Our complex ecosystems are designed to ensure sustainability, and one of the most essential elements of those processes is microorganisms. They are part of countless processes. We use them in our products because they are both ingenious, efficient and sustainable at the same time.


"Our vision is to improve the health of humans, animals, plants and the environment, and actively contribute to creating a better and healthier world."


"We believe that with lactic acid bacteria we can make a difference in humans, animals and soil."


"Our mission is to create and offer the healthiest possible products for the benefit of humans, animals, plants and the environment through the development and production of products based on beneficial microorganisms and sustainable technologies."

Biosa was founded in 2002
 by Erik Nielsen

Find and read all about our certifications and registrations.

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EU Organic Certification


ISO 9001-certification


USDA Organic Certification

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